Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Dumpster Rental

Regardless if you’re taking out clutter from your office or house or doing a new remodeling project, you’re probably resorting to renting a dumpster where you can store all of the scrap material and junk during the project. Though it’s okay to throw most things into a dumpster, you should also be aware that particular items should never be put into your dumpster bin. Here’s a list of some of these things that cannot be thrown in your rented bin.  

Hazardous waste 

A lot of toxic items can give significant safety and health risks especially if they are not disposed of properly. From fluorescent light bulbs to chemicals, thinners, cleaning solutions, etc., such toxic materials need to be taken to a particular disposal site. Otherwise, they can potentially compromise the safety and health of line workers, recycling transporters, laborers, animals at the landfills, landfill operators, and the local environment.  


Typically, batteries are incorporated with mercury, and even if newer batteries don’t mostly depend on it, it’s still highly recommended to properly dispose of the batteries. Meaning, it’s vital to look for a facility that accepts used batteries and knows how to take them out well.  


E-waste or electronic waste must be disposed of or recycled properly at an e-waste facility. A lot of places have restricted e-wastes in landfills. Also, dumpster rental companies will be adding a substantial fee above everything else when they see that you’ve included electronic waste in your rented dumpster since it’ll need to be removed then.  

Harsh cleaning agents 

Cleaning agents, particularly those that are not made out of natural ingredients, like those solutions you use in drains or on home appliances, are commonly noxious, extremely hazardous, and noxious to our environment. Usually, there are special disposal and recycling facilities in most cities and towns particularly intended for such products.  

Solvents and paint 

Most people have a few remaining paints or other kinds of solvent or finishing type that they would want to dispose of. These usually sit around storages, garages, or sheds. We highly discourage you to throw solvents and paint into the dumpster since they contain toxic chemicals that can leech out into waterways if they won’t be disposed of properly.  

Automotive fluids 

Basically, all liquids you utilize to run your car, including engine coolants, oil, and transmission fluids, must never be junked into a dumpster. Similar to solvents and paints, they can possess toxic risks to the environment. Hence, it must be properly disposed of. If you don’t know how to, you can always hire junk removal services Lexington. 

Nearly all items can be put inside your rented dumpster. However, the materials we presented above are not included and must especially be disposed of in other ways that only the expert junk removalists can do. Do this to prevent causing potential harm to our health, well-being, and our environment. If you’re unsure about your materials, you may consult them right away, and help you with that.